What to do if you didn't receive your 6-digit login code


When you're registering your Blink account or signing back into your account, a 6-digit code (in the form XXX-XXX e.g. 111-111) will be sent to you. This code will be sent to the phone number via SMS or the email address that has been set on your account.

This article will cover:

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Check your Spam Folder

OTP codes may end up in your spam folder if they have been marked as spam by you or by a filter on your email service.

Unsubscribing from our OTP services
  • SMS - if you have texted STOP to our OTP service you will no longer receive OTP codes from us there. Text START to receive notifications once again.
  • EMAIL - if you have unsubscribed from our email service contact us and we can support you, here
Email us

If these methods are not working for you then please contact us at support@joinblink.com We have noticed an increase in requests to resolve OTP issues for Blink Home Monitor. If you are contacting us about that please understand we are not the same company. We will not be able to resolve any issues related to Blink Home Monitor. Their support pages are located, here


My email or mobile number has changed

Due to security policies, we cannot update either your email or mobile number. This can only be edited by an admin within your Organization. Please reach out to your manager or IT team for support with this.

OTPs are not being delivered to users with work emails

Please ensure that joinblink.com has been whitelisted so you can receive emails from that domain.

Alternatively, whitelisting on your email filtering can resolve this issue.

If these methods are not working for you then please contact us at support@joinblink.com

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