Authentication methods

 There are a variety of different authentication methods available on Blink, and it's important to understand them all so you can choose the right method for your organization.

  • Understanding the different Authentication Methods and Third Party Methods
  • Switching from  Email/SMS  code to Password

From the Authentication section of Admin portal, you can select how your users can login to their Blink accounts.

Blink authentication methods:

  • Email/SMS code
  • Password

Third party methods:

  • SAML
  • Office 365
  • Google

Understanding the different Authentication Methods and Third Party Methods

Email/SMS code

When any of your users try to login to their Blink account, a 6 digit number will be sent to their email address or phone number (via SMS). The user must then type this number into Blink to gain access to their account.

  • The 6 digits codes are sometimes referred to as One Time Passwords and look like 123-456
  • The 6 digit code is used when users enter a mobile number at login regardless of the Auth settings


In order to use a password to access a Blink account, the user must first create a password during the registration of their account. If a user ever forgets their password. 

  • The password itself has some requirements. The minimum requirements are 6 to 10 characters, a mix of upper case and lower case characters, and at least one number. 
  • Alternatively, administrators can send the user a link to reset their password from that user's profile in Blink admin.

To reset your password

To reset your password you should contact your manager and let them know that it needs to be rest!


When SAML is selected as the Authentication Method, users will be automatically logged-into their Blink account after typing in their work email address.

Office 365 & Google

Office 365 Google
When this option is selected your uses will be shown a button to login via Office 365 when registering or logging back into their Blink account. Clicking on the Login with Office 365 will launch the login page for this. Once the username and password has been entered they will logged into their account!

Switching from  Email/SMS  code  to Password

Please be aware that once this change is made, users will no longer be able to login to their account using the 6 digit code. 

They will instead need to create a Blink Password and use this password each time they wish to log back into their Blink account.

With this in mind we recommend that before making this change, you ensure that your users have a password set up on Blink.

If a user does not have a password set up before this change is made they will be required to follow the Reset my Password flow to re-gain access to their Blink account. 

Alternatively, you can send a email to each user asking them to reset their password from the user profile in Blink admin.

This is a warning callout

If you change your authentication method, always remember to click Save changes

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