What is a Mandatory Read?

  We have designed Mandatory Reads to give Administrators the ability to create or mark Pages in the Hub that require attention and action from users. 

What are Mandatory reads?

Mandatory Reads are built on the same structure as Pages, but users are notified of Mandatory Reads and they are required to confirm that they have read and acknowledged the content of the Page.

Why use Mandatory Reads?

Mandatory Reads replace the existing manual processes of getting colleagues to sign documents to acknowledge that they have read them.

We have built this functionality so Administrators can easily create and track acknowledgement of important documentation, and encourage users to act on this information as soon as possible - all from within Blink.

Mandatory Reads give Administrators the ability to distribute updated policies, documents and training to teams, and receive an acknowledgement that each individual has read the compulsory information.

If individuals have not acknowledged the Mandatory Read, Administrators will be able to find out who hasn't read the information, follow-up with reminders, and/or contact individuals directly through the Analytics function.

This is important!

Only Organisation Admins, Content Moderators and Team Admins will be able to create or edit Mandatory Reads.

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