How to send Mandatory Read reminders


Mandatory Read reminders can be sent to the Audience of a Mandatory Read to remind them to Acknowledge and read the Mandatory Raed. Reminders will only be sent to individuals who have NOT acknowledged the Mandatory Read yet.

Organization Administrators and Content Moderators are able to send Mandatory Read reminders.
  • Sending a reminder to everyone
  • Sending a reminder to a specific group of your audience
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Sending a reminder to everyone
  1. Select the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the Mandatory Read
  2. Select Send Reminders

  3. A box will appear for you to send a reminder post
  4. Give the post a title and/or introduction
  5. Choose Post type
  6. Click Share
  7. Reminders will be posted in the Feeds to notify individuals who haven't acknowledged their Mandatory Read(s)
Sending a reminder to a specific group of your audience
  1. Click on the Mandatory Read you'd like to send Reminders for
  2. Either Send Reminder to the entire audience at the top next to Export
  3. Or Send Reminder to a specific team e.g. just to Operations
  4. Once selected, a post box will appear just as before
  5. For this example, the Reminders will ONLY go out to the Operations team


How often can I send a reminder?

You can send a reminder at any moment at any time. This means that you should be careful, and aware, of when are to whom you are sending this to.

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