Restricting Feed access

  Blink has now given the power to the Admins of Blink to restrict access to the feed. Read below to find out:

  • What is restricted?
  • How to restrict someone
  • How this can help you!

What is Restricted?

Administrators can restrict account access to the Feed. If in this mode, you will not be able to post to the Feed, like, comment or vote on polls. You will still receive new posts and have full access to read the latest news from your organization and colleagues.

How to restrict someone

You will need access to the admin panel in order to do this. All Admins with access can do this, however, Team Admins can only restrict those who are in the Team they Administrate.

  1. Firstly, decide who needs this. This is your choice as an Admin and as an Organisation.
  2. Then head to the Admin panel and search for the user in question
  3. Click on their account and press "Restrict Feed Access"

Once a user is Restricted you will notice the option will change!

How can this benefit you?

We always want to hold that hope that everyone behaves company and promotes their organisation positively through the Blink app, however, we do realise that this may not be the case and we should be prepared for people misbehaving - no we are.

It is evident that restricting those who haven't behaved to your standard does allow for those who are behaving to come out of the shadows to some degree, and by this, we mean that more users will be more active on posts, and more engaging with their peers. Overall, a better experience can be had when restricting those who are not behaving correctly.

Please note that the Blink team will not be involved in removing restrictions, or applying them to users so please refrain from asking us. We will, however, inform you on how you can do it and resolve any issues that occur.

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