On-demand translation


With support for over 90 languages, On-demand translation makes Feed posts, comments and pages accessible to all. At the tap of a button, posts, comments, and pages will be rapidly translated into the language you're most comfortable reading.

Who can use this feature?

All users can use this feature. However, this is a paid-for feature and must be enabled first. Please contact support for more information.

In this guide

Selecting your language

If you use Blink across multiple devices, you need to set up your preferred language on each.

Mobile Web
  1. From your settings page, press on Language settings.
  2. Press on Translation language.
  3. Select our preferred language from the list, and you're done!

Using the feature

Feed Pages

Once an administrator has enabled translations for your organization, you will see the View translation button underneath feed posts and comments where we've been able to identify a language that is not your preferred language. Tap on this button to translate.

Getting set up

We've partnered with Microsoft to provide your team with accurate translations. To get this feature set up for your organization, we need you to confirm that you're happy to send this content to Microsoft for translation. Please contact support to enable this feature.

Feature FAQ's

Is my data private and secure?
Why can't I see the View translation button?
There are several reasons that you may not be able to see the button.
  • Your organization has not enabled this feature.
  • Admins can opt to allow and not allow translation per page in the Hub.
  • We were unable to detect the language used in the original. This is usually due to the text being too short.
  • The language appears to be in the same language that your account is set to translate content into.
  • The post, comment or page was created before your organization enabled On-demand translation.
My language is not listed.
At the time of writing, Microsoft, who provides our translations, supported over 90 languages. We are unable to support new languages without their support. However, if your language is missing from the list, please do let us know. Tell us what language you'd like adding.

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