Pulse Surveys

What are pulse surveys?

You'll likely get a different question depending on who you ask. This is how we think about it...

Unlike annual engagement surveys, pulse surveys are so much simpler. They are shorter than an engagement survey helping you attract greater participation.

Here at Blink, we favor asking just one question a month. Sometimes we'll ask a question about management one month and well-being the next. Sometimes we'll stick to the same theme.

This method allows us to spot trends sooner, focus on driving changes that help to retain our best talent, and continually improve Blink as a place to work, which in turn helps us attract the employees we need.

Creating your first pulse survey

  1. From Admin, click on Satisfaction in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on New survey.
  3. Give your survey a name.
    The name is visible to everyone.
  4. Select one question from the list of tried and tested questions.
  5. Select the audience. We recommend sending the survey out to your entire company. However, if you want a more targeted approach, you can do so by selecting individual teams.
  6. Select a due date.
    After this date, no further responses will be allowed.
  7. Ready? Click Publish and your survey will be live.

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