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How can I stop seeing this Feed post?
How can I stop seeing this Feed post?

Dismiss individual posts

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We understand that sometimes content can be overwhelming or certain posts may no longer apply to you and your needs. In order to help keep your Feed efficient and effective, you have the option to dismiss posts where they are no longer visible on your feed.

Dismiss a post

To dismiss a post, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the feed post you wish to dismiss.

  2. Click on the three dots to the right to open the post settings

  3. Select "Dismiss post" at the top of the options list

  4. This will remove the post from your Feed view. Repeat as many times as desired to remove any posts you no longer wish to view.


Can I dismiss more than one at a time?

At this time, each post would need to be dismissed individually.

Does dismissing the post delete the post from the Feed?

No. Dismissing a post merely removes it from your individual view of the Feed and will not impact the view of other users.

Can I dismiss any post showing in my Feed?

Users can dismiss any post that is not a "priority" post as those are managed by the Organization Admins.

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