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Trending posts are tailored to you, highlighting the most important and popular posts to help you stay up-to-date.

Who can use this feature?

Trending posts are available for all users on either the Blink iOS or Android apps.

Where can I find Trending Posts?

Trending posts can be found in two places on mobile:

  1. Latest feed. The latest feed is the view you see when you first open Blink on your mobile phone. As you scroll, providing there are trending posts in your organization, you will see the title "Trending posts" followed by a series of posts which you can scroll left to right. Tap on any of the posts to see more, like and comment.

  2. Trending feed view. On your mobile, open the feed and you should see filters at the top of the screen. Tap on the third filter to access the trending feed view.

How are Trends determined?

Trending posts are determined by an algorithm tailored to each individual.
The algorithm identifies popular posts sent to you by looking at the number of users it was sent to, the number of likes, comments, and how long it is since the post was sent.

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