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Blink's Digital Signage Solution
Blink's Digital Signage Solution
Updated over a week ago

Our Digital Signage solution is very lightweight and requires very little setup, however there are a couple of prerequisites.

Who can use this? At this time, we're only able to offer this solution for our Enterprise tier customers and there would be an additional charge for this service.


Our Digital-Screens integration comes 2 parts:

  • The RSS Feed

  • The Microapp

The RSS feed which is authenticated (Basic Auth) and conforms to RSS 2.0 specification will pull from feedposts shared with a team in Blink. The number and maximum age of feedposts can be configured to ensure that the screen only contains the latest information.

The Microapp is something to be added to the Hub to allow for ‘screen management’. It will display what is currently being shown on the screen and gives the option to delete posts.

Each RSS feed and Microapp pair will correspond to a team in Blink. Therefore there may be multiple pairs per org. i.e each RSS feed will require a separate Microapp to be added to the Hub. They can all be displayed on the same screen (provided the screen provider accommodates this) but we will always serve them up separately.

What you will need

  • An RSS feed reader that accepts Basic Auth. (We do not provide screens, or any means of consuming the RSS feed. Clients in the past have used Appspace and TrouDigital to do this).

  • A Blink team that you want to associate with the RSS feed (We can set up multiple feeds for multiple teams if required, however it will need to be 1 per team).

What we will provide

  • RSS Feed URL

  • Username

  • Password

  • ‘Microapp’ URL (To be added to the Hub to help with management of screen content).

What we need from you

  • The team name(s) that you want to have this setup for.

  • The number of posts you would like to display on the screen (Eg. The last 5 posts).

  • The max age of the posts (Eg. No posts older than 30 days).

(Configurations can be different for each team).

Team Name

Number of Posts

Max Age (Days)

Once everything is setup

  • You will simply need to send a feedpost to that team (which can be included in wider posts) in order for the content to be displayed on the screen.


  • Feedpost Types:

    • Polls: Currently we will only show the title of the feedpost and the fact that it’s a poll. The questions and the results won’t be visible.

    • Priority: We will show that there were priority posts in the Microapp. However they won’t be differentiable on the screen.

  • Images:

    • If a post has multiple images associated with it. Only the first will be displayed on the screen.

  • Videos:

    • Neither the RSS feed nor the Microapp will display the video, only the heading will be visible.

  • Microapp:

    • We currently do not offer the option to add feedposts to the screen from within the Microapp, only deletion.

  • Removing from the screen:

    • Whilst the team can be included in any feedpost sent out, when deleting them the whole feedpost will need to be deleted. So it will also be removed from users’ feeds. If this is something that will happen regularly, we would suggest creating screen feedpost separately.

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