Inviting users to Blink

It is super easy to invite as many people as you need to Blink! In this article, we will show you how to invite a user:

  • Via the Invite button
  • Via the Admin portal
  • It's important to point out that you can only send an invite if:
    • You have the right Administrator access
    • You are on the "desktop" or web Blink app

Only Organization Administrators and Content Moderators can invite individuals to Blink - some organizations also give this user privilege to Team Administrators too. 

You can only invite users from your desktop because it is not possible to access the Admin portal from the mobile Blink app.

Anyone can be invited to join you on Blink and you can begin working together from the moment they activate their Blink account.

All you need is their mobile number OR email address and you can send them an invite!

Via the Invite button

The easiest way to invite a new user is via the Invite button on the left-hand side menu (on the Blink desktop or web apps).

This is the best method for inviting one or a small number of users to Blink quickly.

1. Click on the Invite button in the menu You will immediately be taken through to the Invite user page in the Admin portal. 

2. Start by entering either a mobile number or email address (you can add both if you like) You can send an invite by just adding a mobile number or email address, but we highly recommend you fill out as much information as possible at this stage! 

3. Add the user to the appropriate Teams and begin filling out the Recommended Details

REMEMBER: you can fill out these details and/or edit them later!

4. You can also add Extra Details at this point if you'd like to, such as Location

5. Once you're happy with the information you've added, click Send invitation!

If you'd like to send another invitation right away, click Invite and add another - your invite will be sent and another Invite user page will appear for you to fill out!

Via the Admin portal

Instead of clicking the Invite button as shown above, you can invite users through the Admin portal.

1. Click on the Admin Button

2. Select Users

3. Click on Invite Users

4. Follow the same steps as shown above

The Admin portal several alternative options for inviting users to Blink, including our Bulk import tool, which allows you to import up to 5,000 users at once.

For more information on how to bulk import users, click here

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