Understanding user roles is key to getting the most out of Blink.

There are four role types

  1. Basic users - this will be the majority of your users. They only have access to the main Blink app, so the Feed, Chats, Directory and Hub
  2. Team Admins - they have access to the ‘Admin Panel’, but a restricted view of only the users within the Teams they’re part of. They can help you manage your organization on a local-level. We often see Team Leads, Supervisors and Managers take on this role
  3. Content moderator - they have access to the ‘Admin Panel’, and can manage all content across the organization, including the Hub and Feed content
  4. Organization admin - these are our main users (like you!), who have unrestricted access to all parts of the ‘Admin Panel’

You can manage user roles after you’ve invited a user:

  1. Select 'Admin Panel'
  2. Users module
  3. Scroll down to Role
  4. Select the drop-down
  5. Select the role you'd like to assign
  6. Save

'Team Admins’ can be assigned via the Teams module

  1. Select the Team
  2. Selet the three dots (...) next to the user
  3. Grant Team Admin permissions

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