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Customize the look and feel of the app

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The look and feel of Blink are completely customizable! Blink can mirror your company branding, colors and logos. We want you to think of the tool as a natural extension of your existing company culture!

This feature is available with all Blink subscriptions.

What can I personalize on the app?

  • Input hex coding from your "brand bible"

  • Choose accents for the desktop and mobile experiences: these can be different for each or set to match regardless of how the user is accessing Blink.

    • Change the background color

    • Choose text and icon colors

    • Set a notification dot and number color

  • Upload your company logo and background images for both the mobile and desktop views

How to personalize Blink for your company

  1. Go to 'Admin Panel' - only Admins can access this via desktop

  2. 'Admin Panel' will open in a secondary tab

  3. Scroll down to the ‘Branding’ section under "Setup" on the left-hand side.

  4. In this section, you can navigate to Colores, Desktop Images, Mobile Images, and/or further customization to really make the app experience unique to your organisation.

  5. Once you've updated everything as desired, select 'Save changes'

  6. These changes will immediately show in Blink

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