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How to add a Google Calendar to the Hub

1. Go to the Google Calendar on your computer

2. Go to my calendars section, click on the 3 dots and then select settings and sharing

3. Scroll down to the integrate calendar option. You will need to copy the URL link from the embed code box- copy the link within the quotation marks starting at the HTTPS until the end of the first quotation marks (your timezone should appear at the end)

4. Once you've copied the link, go to the Hub in the Admin Portal, select add content, then choose micro-app. Add the display name (i.e., Company Calendar), add an icon, and choose your audience, section and mark it as a quick link.


Can I share multiple calendars?

Absolutely! If you want to share multiple calendars (i.e., birthdays, company events, etc.), select "customize" and choose which calendars to display. Once you've selected the calendars, then you will need to copy the new embed code after the HTTPS until the end of the first quotation.

Are my users able to add their own individual calendars as well?

Users can integrate their Google or Microsoft calendars through the steps provided in this article.

I'm receiving an error message when I click on the calendar.

Confirm that the embed link used ends with your timezone information. If it continues on after the timezone with other text, that may be causing the error. Please contact us if correcting the link doesn't resolve the issue.

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