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This feature is available with all Blink subscriptions.

Admins can use journeys to create consistent onboarding experience for their members. You can improve retention and decrease turnover with automated posts sent automatically when new members join your organization.

What are Journeys?

Journeys are a way for Admins to preschedule posts for specific users based on customizable triggers. At present, we support a trigger based on days after the registration date for the user in Blink or we have the option to use their start date.

This allows Admins to create standard messaging which can be used for onboarding, anniversaries, and other occasions or tasks as your organization desires.

How to create Journeys

  1. Open the Admin Panel

  2. Under "Content Studio", select "Journeys" as shown below:

  3. Click on "create Journey" (pictured below)

  4. Enter the desired journey name and trigger. You can also select the desired audience for either everyone in the company or only specific teams.

  5. Click "Add step"

  6. Enter the desired name of the step, how many days from the registration date that you'd like it to be sent, and the time on that day when you'd like the post to be sent to the users.

    1. You'll need to select an appropriate alias as the sender. For more information on aliases, please check out this article.

  7. From here, simply enter the post content you'd like to have shared in the text box as shown below (see here for more information on creating and formatting posts). Please note that Journey Posts are considered read only so users are unable to leave comments. Posts will automatically be featured for their audience for 3 days (this means the post will appear in the carousel) but this can be changed if desired.

    1. As a best practice, we recommend including a nice key image. Please also keep in mind that the first sentence will be used as the title if the post is featured. You can find more information about featured posts here.

  8. Once you're happy with the post, click "add step" at the bottom of the screen:

  9. Add as many steps as you'd like and set any time frame from the registration date. When the Journey is set up to your liking, select "Set Live" in the bottom right corner as depicted below to publish it.

    1. If a journey is created within 3 days of the user's trigger, they will still receive the post.


What if I don't have access to an alias?

If you don't already have access to any existing aliases, you'll need to create one. For more information on aliases, please check out this article.

How can I edit or delete a step in the Journey?

In the Journey you'd like to edit, click the step you'd like to change and select the appropriate option for your needs.

What are "registration date" and "start date" referring to?

The registration date refers to the first day that the user is added to the Blink instance whereas the start date would refer to the actual start date for their position as it is listed in Blink.

What if I add a Journey and the trigger date has already passed for an existing user?

If a Journey is created within 30 days of the user's trigger, they will still receive the post.

Are there other triggers I can use for content instead of registration or start date?

At this time, we only support those two options; however, we are still in beta testing and we'd love your feedback on Journeys and what you'd like to see for this feature in the future.

How many Journeys can we create?

There are currently no limits to how many journeys you can have for your organization.

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